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International student hospitality programme

Are you an international student studying in Cambridge? Would you like to have the opportunity to visit a local home and get to know local people?
We extend a warm welcome to all international students who have come to study or do research here. We hope you will enjoy your stay and we wish you success in your studies.
Studying abroad can be a lonely and confusing experience. We would like to help make your time here as easy and enjoyable as possible.
We would love to give you the opportunity to relax, get to know people and learn more about Britain, by arranging a visit to a Christian home.
We can put you in touch with a British person or family who would invite you to their home for a meal and to spend the day with them from time to time. You would be welcomed as their guest. Many students have established lasting friendships with their hosts and have come to speak with great affection of 'my British family'.
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